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 Outdoor Technologies leader Scanstrut became the first brand to take Qi wireless charging technology and develop it to deliver safe, efficient charge in any outdoor situation. With over 30 years’ experience in enabling the use of technology outdoors, Scanstrut has built a world-class reputation on designing and engineering products for the marine industry, for use aboard boats in the most extreme environments and adverse weather conditions.

There are many challenging factors to consider when designing products for use outdoors; water, humidity, UV degradation, dust, salt and extreme temperature fluctuations, all of which represent sub-optimal conditions for consumer electronics. “If a product can withstand prolonged usage on a boat, it will be at home in almost any other environment and almost any installation scenario”. George Bowles, Head of Design at Scanstrut.

With Qi wireless charging technology now being found in various locations around the home, office, workplace, and cars, Scanstrut set out to make this incredible technology available for use in outdoor civic areas, smart spaces or even integration into outdoor furniture or existing outdoor charging infrastructures. Imagine always having wireless charge where ever you need it indoors or out? The Scanstrut design department set about bringing this dream to life. 


The 3-step approached developing Qi technology for outdoor use:

- Low voltage 12V or 24V input power, which is most common in outdoor and outdoor mobile applications, mainly for safety and power efficiencies.

- Waterproofing encapsulation techniques, ensuring moisture will never penetrate into the charger and keep technology, phone and user safe.

- Tried and tested marine grade material selection, which can withstand the highest rating of UV and temperature fluctuation punishment over years of use.


The Range

The wireless charging range that Scanstrut has developed is available with 4 different installation methods.



Sub-surface, hidden from view but always ready to charge. Engineered to be installed under the surface and leave the top surface un-cluttered and looking perfect

SC CW 01above 




Low-profile, flush-mounted charge pad with an ultra grippy, non-slip surface.
Contemporary look with two-tone colour, designed to complement modern interiors and exteriors. Available with anti-vandalism locking ring to ensure a tamperproof install.






The easiest to install, this option includes the non-slip surface pad but simplifies installation even further.

SC CW 03


Securely holds and wirelessly charges your phone even in the toughest conditions. Perfect for boat consoles or any vehicle working outside in the elements, the simple one-handed operation allows you to easily dock your phone and instantly start charging.

 SC CW 04Ewebsiteicon


Example usages from around the world

mmcite (Czech Republic)

For mmcité, making street furniture is a cultural mission. Their design team selected the ROKK Wireless – Surface model and integrated it into their blocq solar park bench for its functionality, durability & cleverly designed locking ring which is resistant to vandalism.

mmcité1 Scanstrut ROKK Wireless Surface Solar Bench Installation V2

“We were looking for a reliable product that withstands harsh outdoor environment and resists to vandalism, Scanstrut have engineered a great product!” Michal Holokáč, mmcité Product Manager.


 Specialised Solutions (Australia)

Australia’s first choice for quality prefabricated solutions for commercial, industrial and residential needs, with a focus on innovation in public spaces. Specialised Solutions select ROKK Wireless – Surface for integration into their popular solar bench range, choosing the Surface model for its charging capabilities in hot ambient temperatures.   

Solar chaging station 1 Scantrut ROKK Wireless Active SC CW 02E


Neri (Italy)

Neri’s Brenta bench collection is built from smart HPC (High-Performance Concrete) as is equipped with Wi-Fi antenna and ROKK Wireless - Hidden wireless charger. The Charger is submerged into the central wooden panel leaving the top of the bench completely uncluttered.

Neri brenta bench Scanstrut Wireless Charging SC CW 02E




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