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    Pro Bass Fisherman

    Sebastiaan Hoogewerf

    englaish Netherlands


Sebastiaan Hoogewerf

"Pro Bass Fisherman"

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Super passionate sports angler, which grew into starting FarangBaCreations® since 2012, A brand which produces premium hand-made fishing lures all made in Thailand.
Besides that, I compete in Asia's largest pro angler tournament which grew into 2018 to the tournament with the highest ever prize money in Asia's sports anglers history. A tournament trail that will involve 3 stages over 2018.

In our contest, we are required to provide video proof of our catches and for this, we look for the best equipment in the marine electronics business. We are very happy to have found Scanstrut, ROKK USB waterproof sockets and cables for our onboard electronics and cameras so we can rest assured,
that our electronics and cameras are provided with a full waterproof connection while being charged and plugged in while on the water

Especially under the conditions, we fish in we demand the best to make sure we leave nothing to keep us from qualifying and reach for success. Scanstrut /ROKK has given us the solutions and the edge we were looking for our tournament boat and road to victory.

If you look for unmatched solutions for your marine electronics, look no further!




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  • SUNUS Ocean Racing Team

    Motor Sport

    SUNUS Ocean Racing Team

    englaish United Kingdom



SUNUS Ocean Racing

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A world leading team with years of pedigree behind them and factory support of 70 years experience. SOR has become the team to beat.  Now joined by Ben Fogle, SOR is stronger than ever, ready to break records and win races. SOR represents the leading sports marketing platform for its arena.

02 /  THE BOAT

800HP, 32ft, 3000kg and capable of 100mph, this is the SOR C237, the very latest in offshore powerboat technology. 2 times speed record holder and the boat famous for Richard Hammond's "donut" scene on the Grand Tour. Find out more on the boat specific page. 


At the heart of our race team is our awareness campaign. Every part of our team activities is geared towards raising awareness for Stillbirth.  





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    Motor Sport

    Terry Grant

    englaish United Kingdom



"International Stunt Driver & Multiple World Record Holder"

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Travelling all over the World, Terry has performed at some of the most prestigious events on the Global calendar. From the Race Of Champions in Paris, World Rallycross in places as far flung as Argentina, to the London Motorshow and the TV studio of Guinness World Records in Madrid. Whatever the challenge, Terry gives 110% to every fan, producer and promoter to ensure that whoever's watching gets blown away with what they see.

Having worked for the cream of manufacturers including General Motors, Saab, Vauxhall, Nissan and TVR to drop but a few names, Terry often consults as stunt co-ordinator to show organisers looking to provide jaw-dropping action in a completely safe environment


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  • Broad Bean 17

    Motor Sport

    Broad Bean 17

    englaish United Kingdom


BROAD BEAN 17 - ThunderCat Team


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Broad Bean returned from a very successful World Championships in October which was held in Malta where they achieved 5th overall in the modified class.   The team then went onto Coniston to take part in the World Speed Record Attempts where they established the UIM P750 Modified class World Speed Record and the National record at 66.92 mph. Congratulations guys. Both Malachy Browne and Tom Williams-Hawkes are born and bred, 3rd generation powerboat racers from the River Exe. Tom cut his teeth with brother Charlie in the Round Britain 08 Race in an old Revenger 25. They finished the race in 17th place out of over 40 starters as smallest and lowest powered boat, winning the Youngest Crew Award and the Brand-Crombie Perpetual Trophy for Outstanding Effort. Tom has raced in Cowes - Torquay - Cowes 4 times!! 



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    Hang Glider

    Olly Chitty

    englaish United Kingdom



"Team Great Britain Hang Gilder"

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Ollie Chitty is a hang gliding instructor, competition pilot and British hang gliding record holder. A young pilot, he comes from a flying family and acted as ballast for his dad Nick Chitty for years.



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