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  • Liam Faisey

    Kayak Fishing

    Liam Faisey

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"The Cornish Kayak Angler"

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I live in Cornwall and get to paddle and fish in some of the most beautiful and productive waters in the UK. I have been kayak fishing for 5 years and have fished for many years more. The waters around Cornwall are home to excellent inshore fishing grounds and i enjoy targeting the vast range of species we get here - from the mini-species up to big specimens. I also participate in several kayak fishing competitions across the UK. I currently work at Cornwall Canoes - A Kayak Fishing Specialist Store - and get to play with some of the coolest fishing kayaks and kayak fishing gear available on the market! The sea is well known for being an unpredictable beast and i often find myself kayak fishing in challenging conditions. I require gear that stands up to the abuse of the harsh saltwater environment and the ROKK mini range of gear mounts fit the bill perfectly. As the name suggests, the mount becomes rock solid once tightened in the desired position ensuring your gear stays exactly where you want it. The quick release base mount allows for quick and easy rigging at the start or end of a session too. The Scanstrut Deck Seals are top quality as well - perfect for waterproof routing of electronics cabling through the hull of a kayak. With plenty more exciting products to come from the guys at Scanstrut, i am looking forward to providing input into new product development as well as testing and using Scanstrut gear as a Pioneer. Check out my latest catch reports on my website: www.kayakfishing.blog” 




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