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SC21 Mast Mount

Mast Mount for 24" radomes

SC21 Mast MountSC21 Mast Mount



For Radomes and Small Satcom/TV Antenna

Still the first choice for boat owners the world over, Scanstrut leads the way with a new generation of Mast Mounts.

Our new, larger mounting foot is stronger, stiffer and now even easier to fit.


Universal Mounting

Attaches to mast with four swivel feet, matching a variety of mast profiles.

Strong Fixing

12 point fixing using high quality monel rivets.

Compact Mounting

Antenna extends only minimum distance from the front of the mast.

Safety Wire Kit

Independently attaches scanner to mast in case an accident damages the installation.

Splash Out & Upgrade to a Self-Levelling Radar Mount

As tested Yachting Monthly, the Self-Levelling Radar Mount is proven to enhance radar performance.


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Technical Information


How to Install your Scanstrut


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SC24 Radar Guard

SC24 Radar Guard

Product Details

SC25 Radar Guard

SC25 Radar Guard

Product Details

SC26 Radar Guard

SC26 Radar Guard

Product Details

SC27 Radar Guard

SC27 Radar Guard

Product Details

SC28 Radar Guard

SC28 Radar Guard

Product Details

50100 Mast Mount Adapter Kit


Product Details

Radar Guard

To find the correct Radar Guard for installation with your Scanstrut Mast Mount, please see the list below:

SC12 – SC25 Radar Guard*
SC16 – Not applicable
SC18 – SC24 Radar Guard
SC20 – SC27 Radar Guard
SC21 – SC26 Radar Guard (SC28 Radar Guard**)
M92722 – SC27 Radar Guard
M92698 – SC28 Radar Guard

* Not compatible with Furuno 19" DRS2D

** Use with Simrad DX60 & Garmin GMR 21 / GMR 41 antennas only

Cable Conduit

Cable Conduit is supplied in lengths of 1.5m which are easily cut to fit.

Please specify number of lengths required when ordering.

SC33 – Up to 14mm (0.5") cables
SC66 – Up to 18mm (0.7") cables

Mast Mount Adapter Kit

Fits Z-Spars, Selden, Isomat and Eurospars Masts, may be required for other ‘square’ fronted mast profiles.


I have a Garmin GMR 18 dome and I find that it stands out from the mast when installing with a SC20 Mast Mount. Why is this?

This is because of the mounting footprint of the dome. If you rotate the dome through 180° before installing then it will solve the problem and the dome will be installed much closer to the mast.

When setting up the dome, you should be able to note through the chartplotter which way the dome is facing. Should you have any questions regarding the set up of the dome, please contact Garmin directly.

I require some replacement mast mount feet – is this possible?

You can order a replacement footpack for the product. The part no. is 15001 for all Mast Mounts excluding M92722 (Part no. 15001R).

Can I install onto a Carbon Mast?

Please speak to your rig manufacturer for advice.

Can I install onto a wooden mast?

Yes. However you would not use the rivets as supplied with our Mast Mounts. Wood screws have been used for installation but they are not recommended.

We would suggest making a stainless steel band to fit around at least half of the circumference of the mast, rivet the feet to the band and then bolt the band to the mast with a bolt that passes through the mast.

Please provide technical details of the size and type of pop rivets needed to fasten the M92698 mount to a sailboat mast. I purchased a used mount and I need replacement pop rivets, I can purchase Monel and stainless pop rivets locally, however i need to know exact specs.

We use 4.8mm Monel rivets, 16mm in length but check your mast wall thickness to be sure 16mm is the right length.

What type of paint is used on the Mast Mount?

We use colour code RAL9016 paint on all Mast Mounts and they have a professional powder coat finish with an etch primer and top coat.

General FAQs

I have some old electronics, how can I work out if they will fit your products?

If your electronics are not listed in our part number table, please contact Scanstrut as we may be able to assist with compatibility.

Where can I order this product?

Scanstrut products are available worldwide via our network of distributors.

Visit our 'Dealer Locator' page to find your local dealer.

Can I see this product installed / on display anywhere?

Scanstrut products are displayed at various boat shows throughout the season. Click on 'News & Shows' to view the upcoming boat shows.

Alternatively, find your local dealer on our where to buy page and see if they have a store to visit.

I am upgrading my marine electronics, will I be able to use the same Scanstrut mount?

It all depends on the electronics you are using - please contact Scanstrut for further assistance.

What part no. do I require?

To find your part number, use our 'Part Finder'.

How much does the product cost?

Pricing for Scanstrut products is available from our network of distributors.

Contact them directly for your local pricing.

I am from the press and I would like more information / pictures on your product.

Good news! Contact our marketing team and they will be happy to help.

Click on 'Contact Us' in the menu bar to send your message.


Impressive Customer Service, 4 Aug 2010

By Mark Scheffer, Scanstrut Customer.
I am impressed with the radar mast, and even more impressed with your response to this problem. This type of customer service keeps the customer coming back when unfortunate things happen.

Fast Service, 4 Aug 2010

By Peter Pezet, Designer, Formula Yacht Spars
Big thanks to the crew there for getting the bracket to us so promptly.

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