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SC2-1 Pole Mount

1.0m (3.3') deck mounted pole system complete – specify antenna when ordering

SC2-1 Pole MountSC2-1 Pole MountSC2-1 Pole Mount



For Radomes, Open Array and Larger Satcom/TV Antenna

With a 100% reliability track record through the toughest sailing conditions, the SC2 Pole Mount is the preferred choice for offshore sailors the world over.

Available as a deck mounted or through deck installation, it is supplied with pole, base and top plate as a complete kit.

Please note an additional Satcom Antenna Mount will be required to install 40cm and 60cm satcom antenna.

Deck Mounted

Ideal for installations on decks, cabin roofs, low arches and other areas where minimal elevation is required.

• 1.0m (3.3’) height*
• Pre-drilled mounting holes for a quick and easy installation
• Base supplied to support shorter pole length – no support struts are required

Through Deck Mounted

The ideal installation for blue water yachting and designed for yachts from 12m (40') upwards. Mounted through-deck to provide maximum stability for taller installations and heavier antennas.

• 3.0m (10’) or 4.0m (13’) heights*
• Recommended minimum of 0.6m (20”) below deck
• A unique collar system clamps pole at deck level and also at its base inside the boat
• A GRP base can be laminated to the inside of the hull and provides level mount for lower set of collars.

*Please note, these are the standard lengths available – should you require a different pole length (maximum 4.0m / 13’) please notify when ordering.



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SC117 – For use with SC100 Pole Mount

SC117-4 – For use with SC2 Pole Mount

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Do you have a Pole Mount for a wind generator?

We do not currently have this product in our range. However, either of our Pole mounts can be used, but a special top would need to be made to fit the generator to the pole.

General F.A.Q.'s

I have some old electronics, how can I work out if they will fit your products?

If your electronics are not listed in our part number table, please contact Scanstrut as we may be able to assist with compatibility.

Where can I order this product?

Scanstrut products are available worldwide via our network of distributors.

Visit our 'Dealer Locator' page to find your local dealer.

Can I see this product installed / on display anywhere?

Scanstrut products are displayed at various boat shows throughout the season.

Alternatively, find your local dealer on our where to buy page and see if they have a store to visit.

I am upgrading my marine electronics, will I be able to use the same Scanstrut mount?

It all depends on the electronics you are using - please contact Scanstrut for further assistance.

What part no. do I require?

To find your part number, use our 'Part Finder'.

How much does the product cost?

Pricing for Scanstrut products is available from our network of distributors.

Contact them directly for your local pricing.

I am from the press and I would like more information / pictures on your product.

Good news! Contact our marketing team and they will be happy to help.

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Solid Installation, 4 Aug 2010

By Neil McGregor, Team Leader Bradstone Challenger, World Record Holder for the fastest power boat sprint around Britain.
The Scanstrut SC2 Pole stood up to everything we threw at it and showed no sign of fatigue or wear!

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