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LMM-1 Self Levelling Radar Mount – Mast

Mast mounted – for 2kW / 4kW Raymarine, Garmin and Navico BR24 / 3G / 4G radomes

LMM-1 Self Levelling Radar Mount – MastLMM-1 Self Levelling Radar Mount – MastLMM-1 Self Levelling Radar Mount – MastLMM-1 Self Levelling Radar Mount – Mast



For Radomes

Our Self-Levelling Radar Mount range ensures your radar stays level with the horizon at all times for optimum antenna performance.

As the boat heels or rolls, the radar is kept horizontal preventing target loss and giving the best possible radar picture.

Our Mast mounted version raises the antenna clear of the deck and any obstructions for increased radar horizon.


Hydraulic Damping

The main levelling unit features a fine turned damping system which reacts to major changes in heel angle of the boat. It is entirely maintenance free and no power is required

Lightweight head unit

Reduced weight aloft – complete system weighs only 3.4 kg (8.1 lbs)

Secure Installation

Attaches to mast with four swivel feet, matching a variety of mast profiles. A 12 point fixing using monel rivets ensures a secure fixing

Suitable for any yacht

Stainless radome cradle has a fine tune adjustment for different mast rake angles

Also available in Backstay or Pole mounted versions.


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Product Details


Could the leveller be used on a powerboat?

The levelling motion the product would not be of use on a powerboat.

My Raymarine dome does not sit level when the boat is at rest – why is this?

Do not worry, your leveller is still working. The dome’s centre of gravity is off centre resulting in a slight ‘list’ to one side.

Since we became aware of this issue we have offset the holes on the mounting plate and so the dome will now sit level. The new plate is available to purchase should you require it, please contact the Scanstrut sales team.


I have some old electronics, how can I work out if they will fit your products?

If your electronics are not listed in our part number table, please contact Scanstrut as we may be able to assist with compatibility.

Where can I order this product?

Scanstrut products are available worldwide via our network of distributors.

Visit our 'Dealer Locator' page to find your local dealer.

Can I see this product installed / on display anywhere?

Scanstrut products are displayed at various boat shows throughout the season. Click on 'News & Shows' to view the upcoming boat shows.

Alternatively, find your local dealer on our where to buy page and see if they have a store to visit.

I am upgrading my marine electronics, will I be able to use the same Scanstrut mount?

It all depends on the electronics you are using - please contact Scanstrut for further assistance.

What part no. do I require?

To find your part number, use our 'Part Finder'.

How much does the product cost?

Pricing for Scanstrut products is available from our network of distributors.

Contact them directly for your local pricing.

I am from the press and I would like more information / pictures on your product.

Good news! Contact our marketing team and they will be happy to help.

Click on 'Contact' in the menu to send your message.


Great Product for Class 40 Race Yacht, 4 Aug 2010

By Alex Bennett - Skipper of Fujifilm, Class 40 racing yacht.
Reliability, safety and performance are key factors when I look for products to use at sea. With that in mind, the Self-Levelling Radar Mount from Scanstrut ticked all the boxes when I needed a mounting solution for my 2kW Raymarine radar. Initially looking for just a simple, fixed mounting solution, I was very pleased to discover Scanstrut's ingenious Self-Levelling system and I knew instantly it was the product I should have.

Reliability and Performance, 4 Aug 2010

By Michael Hennessy, Sailor
When racing Class40 sailboats, you are up against some of the best sailors in the world, in some of the most punishing conditions. As a skipper, you need equipment that delivers rock solid performance, in the most efficient and lightest way possible. Reliability and performance are critical not only for winning races, but also the safety of the boat and those that sail on her. When researching which mount to use for my radar dome, one name kept surfacing.

ScanStrut products are installed on a significant number of the Class40 fleet, by skippers I respect. Their Self-Leveling Radar Mount offers all of the functionality I was looking for, in a robust yet lightweight form. The team from Scanstrut was a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend their products.

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