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Modular Dual PowerTower

The Modular Dual PowerTower has been designed to allow your open array, radar, Satcom & camera to be mounted together in one single space-saving modular installation.

Modular Dual PowerTowerModular Dual PowerTowerModular Dual PowerTowerModular Dual PowerTowerModular Dual PowerTowerModular Dual PowerTowerModular Dual PowerTowerModular Dual PowerTower
Modular Dual PowerTower Struts



Modular Dual PowerTower

1) Struts

Pick one

DPT-R- Dual Power Tower strut (Radome)
DPT-OA- Dual Power Tower strut (Open Array)
DPT-R-COMP - Dual Power Tower strut (Radome) (compact)


2) Plates

Pick any two

DPT-R-PLATE-01- Radome plate 1  (Raymarine, Garmin, B&G, Simrad and Lowrance radomes)
DPT-R-PLATE-02 - Radome plate 2 ( Furuno radomes)

DPT-OA-PLATE-01- Open Array plate 1 (For all Open Array Radar models)

DPT-C-PLATE-01- Camera plate 1 (FLIR M series Cameras and searchlights)
DPT-C-PLATE-02 - Camera plate 2 (FLIR M100/200 Thermal Imaging Cameras)

DPT-S-PLATE-01 - Satcom plate 1 (Designed For Satcoms up to 30cm (12”)
DPT-S-PLATE-02 - Satcom plate 2 (Designed For Satcoms up to 45cm (17”)
DPT-S-PLATE-03 - Satcom plate 3 (Designed For Satcoms up to 60cm (24”)


3)Light Bars

Optional - pick one

DPT-LB-01 - Central Lightbar (for use with up to 45cm domes)
DPT-LB-02 - Central Lightbar (for use with up to 60cm domes)


Custom Colour Service




Dual PowerTower Technical Data Sheet Issue 2 002


Technical Information


How to Install your Scanstrut


Techincal Data Sheet



What is the difference between the PowerTower material options?

All of our PowerTower models are made from marine grade materials. The choice of which you install can come down to personal preference. As a guide though, the Stainless or Aluminium models are better suited to RIBS and the Composite is a good weight saving option.

Our Gantry Mount accessory can also only be installed on the Stainless or Aluminium models so that might also be a factor in which product you choose.

If you visit each of the PowerTower pages you will be able to compared the heights available and any additional technical information.


I have some old electronics, how can I work out if they will fit your products?

If your electronics are not listed in our part number table, please contact Scanstrut as we may be able to assist with compatibility.

Where can I order this product?

Scanstrut products are available worldwide via our network of distributors.

Visit our 'Dealer Locator' page to find your local dealer.

Can I see this product installed / on display anywhere?

Scanstrut products are displayed at various boat shows throughout the season. Click on 'News & Shows' to view the upcoming boat shows.

Alternatively, find your local dealer on our where to buy page and see if they have a store to visit.

I am upgrading my marine electronics, will I be able to use the same Scanstrut mount?

It all depends on the electronics you are using - please contact Scanstrut for further assistance.

What part no. do I require?

To find your part number, use our 'Part Finder'.

How much does the product cost?

Pricing for Scanstrut products is available from our network of distributors.

Contact them directly for your local pricing.

I am from the press and I would like more information / pictures on your product.

Good news! Contact our marketing team and they will be happy to help.

Click on 'Contact' in the menu to send your message.

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